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October 06, 2008


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I suppose I have to find my mind to make it up so that I can be happy.


I've always loved that quote. Today I'll be fairly happy - the weekend was so fabulous, I need a rest period from it.


Ironically today is the day I chose to remember my theory on being happy on purpose.

And so far, it's working! Happy Monday! :)

(Came by way of Ivana-hope you don't mind!)


I'll be very happy. I am doing my house blessing. You know I love a clean house...so I will be very happy!


I hadn't really thought about it until now, but I am very happy today. All because you reminded me to decide it!

Happy Monday, darling. If you get the chance, stop by: I am having my first ever contest.


na-na-na nanana
just putting a little music to my happiness!!

heart in san francisco

I read this last night when you first posted it. I'm still thinking about it.

Happy. Sad. Happy. Sad. Oh, it's so difficult.


When I arrived at work today I found a halloween bag hanging on my office door. In it were yummy candies and some glow in the dark spiders as well as a note from a friendly ghost.

The note, written in rhyme explained that a little ghost had left me the goodies and I was to take them and refill the bag and hangit on someone elses door handle.

It made me happy............and I happily went off at lunchtime and bought a whole bunch of boas and peppermint patties and left in on my colleague's door....the one who was having a shitty morning. Thought she'd like to be happy to. :)

ps. I wrote the sequel to my "happening" rantsy piece yesterday.........'cause guess what? A happening took place already. I'd love you to read it because I think you'd get a kick out of the story.


Claudia, I feel as if I am in the Twilight Zone. You just read my mind. About an hour ago I was thinking this very thing, that people can choose to be happy if they want to be. I know someone who has everything in the world - EVERYTHING - and they are still miserably, miserably unhappy. It makes me feel so bad for them. They can choose to be happy, et voila! they will be happy.

It is indeed a choice!


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