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August 17, 2008


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Leslie @ the oko box

What i find very interesting is that the manufacturer claims to have known these blades were "disappointing", yet says nothing happened like what you experienced. What was the disappointment then? What else happened to the blades to make them be replaced in the new shipment?
I think the reason they are threatening lawsuit is because they think in terms of money- that is why they were selling cheaply made products in the first place, to increase their profit margin. And of course these products were made in Asia, which leads me to believe it is made by underpaid workers also, in poor working conditions (which is why most companies outsource the making of their products to China.) This is also all about increasing porfit margins, which is not an evil concept in and of itself, but it is when you increase your profits at the expense of others (aka- workers and consumers).
Because of this "money at all costs" attitude they have, they assume we all think in these terms, and that threats of suing you for money will control you, just like it controls their business. This is where businesses sometimes get it wrong, when pitting a coorperation against and indiviual.
Another thing to note, is now selling a product with a new blade is not good enough, If the blade can break, then there needs to be a recall of the old blenders and announcment of why they are recalling. Sadly they are trying to silence your blog announcement, without the promise of publicly making a statement themselves.

And then to threaten to sue you over it ? It's times like this I wish for Judge Judy to appear, and just be like "WTF? This is BS, your product broke etc... guilty, pay up, the end."
One other thing i want to note, is that in the approx. 50 lawsuits against bloggers a year, only one has ever lost a case and it was clear she was showing malice PLUS she never showed up to court or got any representation (not even "pro se"), and didn't do anything with her case- basically defaulting her rights to defend herself.
(I tried to email you but it bounced back- darn.)

Los Angelista

Ah, corporations. Do they think we don't know that they'll weigh the costs of lawsuits vs the profit margins and costs for remanufacturing? At the very least, give us the credit for having seen Michael Clayton and Erin Brockovich. Jeez!

This really seems an attempt to intimidate you.. If it ain't broke, you don't fix it so it seems that they knew something was not right with the blades. Otherwise, why fix them?

Are we all going to have to include disclaimers on our comments as well? ;)


I'm glad you are continuing to pursue this. In my opinion, their time and money would be much better spent issuing a recall on the blender and at the very least offering replacement blades to their customers.

Imagine the lawsuit they will have on their hands if and when someone actually does get hurt as a result of blade malfunction.

Keep up the good work!

heart in san francisco

I would have interpreted his words exactly as you did.

I have little faith that manufacturers can be persuaded on the basis of integrity and normal human concern for the lives of others to halt production of a dangerous item.

!2 years ago, I bought a paring knife from K-Mart which was packaged oddly and in the course of attempting to remove the knife from the package, it suddenly dislodged and severed all the tendons of my right middle finger which eventually underwent surgery because it looked like a permanent installation for obscene gestures. The surgery was only partially successful which was most unfortunate as I am right-handed.

I notified the company and they stalled me for exactly one year, stating repeatedly that there was no flaw in the knife or packaging designs while they continued to sell the defective product. I happened to be in K-Mart the day after the statute of limitations on a law suit I could have brought had expired and the knife suddenly had new packaging. The older ones were pushed to the back of the rack, behind the new, more safely-packaged knives.

I was also especially concerned that a child might incur even more serious damage than I did. The Sheffield Knife Company was concerned only that they not be sued.





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