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July 02, 2008


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I'm thinking it's probably a bottle of Cristal, a change of clothes and shoes, a video camera with a night vision attachment in case there will be sex later, and Verne Troyer. OH SNAP!


I would like to know that myself! I bet it's not books though ;o)
Have a great Wednesday, Claudia!


no handbag for me

Susan Helene Gottfried

When I asked Mitchell, he arched an eyebrow at me and asked when was the last time I saw him carrying a handbag. He had a good point.

personally, I think it's the paper they stuff inside a bag in the store to make it look good.


hahahahahahaha. blackberry, ipod, cell phone (yes they have both), lip gloss, powder, mascara, small child. lol. other than electronics they have assistants to carry the essential crap-- snacks! big bags just look so fun. so they're mostly for show.


I think jameil covered most of it except .... their little designer doggy!

Open Grove Claudia

Ian -Oh snap is right!

Ivanhoe - Yes, I'm certain you are right - no books!

Susan Helen Gottfried - I thought that. She makes a line of bags... but who knows?

Jameil - I forgot about the assistant! Wouldn't the assistant carry the cell too? I've seen Puffy's assistant with 3 just passing them back and forth.

Vixen - Oh yes, the doggy.


Oh how fun is this!!

They probably have their children in there.

Or maybe, an extra pair of shoes, a wig, a box of MMs and .....

... no, its their children. I just know it.


I could probably kill an elephant with the weight of my handbag. Altho I've gotten a little better since I stopped working......
I have a wallet (that looks like a filing cabinet), calander, checkbook, extra keys, makeup, gum, change at the bottom, cell phone, who knows what else....lol.



OMG. This is great!

My first thought is...with handbags that heavy why don't they have someone else carry them?

My second thought is...seriously, who carries handbags that heavy?

My third thought is...maybe the baby is in there. No, that might require some sort of parental interaction.

I think they are stuffed. Like bras. For show.

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