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July 01, 2008


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I would like to know how nature selects a good male(s) for the queen to ensure "good workers?"


I am not a spider fan, but those moths sound worse...


At this point in my attempt to talk about this odd prickly meeting I feel very bored. Why do I bother to explain it? Perhaps it is because I have always assumed that when I permit a journalist or photographer to come here, and invite him or her to break bread with me, I am being welcoming and warm, and hope they will feel relieved and easier.

- from the book, Last House: Reflections, Dreams, and Observations 1943-1991 (Part 26 , Interviews--II), by M.F.K. Fisher

A new friend gave me this book last night, after I had mentioned on her blog how much I'd wanted to read it. I also visited a tarot card reader, who had only good things to say, including she say my Dad healthy into his late 80s :-)

Dr. John

Thank you for tagging nobody.
Now we will all have to ru8n out and buy the book to get all the questions answered.


Man, glad you didn't tag - if I had been chosen, I would have been embarrassed. I haven't opened a book in months. *sigh*


eeks, are you getting spiders now?

I saw the tiniest bee today. It was not much bigger than a grain of rice. But it made me think of your bees!

Open Grove Claudia

TWM - That's an interesting question. Unless you artificially fertilize the queen, the males are kind of random. That's what you supposedly want - more random males. They only mate once so....

HRHolly - The moths are super duper gross. I've abandoned hives when they take over - not out of necessity just out of grossosity.

Janet - Hey that's cool - and a tarot reader. I do hope your Dad stays with us for a while.

Dr. John - My pleasure. I don't know where you'd find it. It was a gift from a dumpster diver friend.

Jill - Well, you do have one or two things on your plate.

Tommie - Let's hope not. I'm not a big spider fan! Ooohh small bee? I wonder what it was?

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